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My Club On CP January 26, 2007

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Penguin Things.

hey everyone its crazy4cheez here. listen up, im starting a club on club penguin. if you want to be apart of my club you need to be the required.
3:my buddy
4:have all of the agant clothes
meetings will be held in my igloo
i choose who is apart of my club
there are sertant positions in my club that penguins need to be. if you are a stronger penguin than another penguin, you will have a better job.
if you are in my club you will have a rank for your penguin. these are the ranks;
Rank 1:Newbie
Rank 2:Contender
Rank 3:Alright
Rank 4:Awesome
Rank 5:Stornger
Rank 6:Sugested
Rank 7:Super Star
Rank 8:Favorite
Rank 9:Co-Captin
Rank 10:Master (i am the only penguin who will be at master)

there will be
1 master (crazy4cheez)
1 co-captin (happefeet)
2 favorites ( )( )
1 superstar (Doctor Kong)
1 sugested (gamemaster40)
1 stronger ( copper crash)
1 awesome (turtey00)
2 alrights ( )( )
2 contenders ( )( )
3 newbies ( )( )( )

if there is not a name in the bubble that means that there is a spot open
you can get kicked off my club if you get banned
if someone is doing better work than a penguin that is a higher rank then them they will switch ranks
if you work hard you go up a rank
if you are lazy you go down a rank

there will be 15 members of my club.



1. crazy4cheez - January 26, 2007

leave a commant if you want to join my club

2. happefeet - January 26, 2007

i want 2 co capt

3. lilzippy - January 27, 2007

abe is lil zippy can i be co capt?

4. crazy4cheez - January 28, 2007

happefeet will be asigned co-captin because i told lil zippy she was co-captin and she said no. so happefeet is cocaptin

5. Doctor Kong - January 31, 2007

Hi crazy4cheez I WOULD LUV to join your club…BUT…i’m not on your friends list !? If i could pick a rank i’d like rank #7(super star) i know that most famous penguins like paintboy100 go to Mammoth and so do i but if you decide if i can be Rank#7 (super star) please leave an email at
actor-t@hotmail.com , please and thank you

6. doctorkong - January 31, 2007

Hi (ahhhhhhhh) i can’t belive it’s really you ithik your so cool anf famous!!!!!!

if you want to change your background all you do is go to dashboard then presentation there will be many backgrounds you can easilly choose one of them and then you have your own background(don’t belive me? i can prove it just go to doctorkong@wordpress.com

7. doctorkong - January 31, 2007

p.s. Doctor Kong and doctorkong are both me ecept i did the Doctor Kong when i was logged off

8. crazy4cheez - February 3, 2007

doctorkong, i will put you as a superstar but you have to figure out a way to become buddys with me. i go on mammoth. where do u go?

9. turtley00 - March 5, 2007

i just want to be apart of ur club i dont care if im Newbie i just want to be in it

10. Doctor Kong - March 5, 2007

Sorry i havn’t reaplyed but i usally go to mammoth, you’ll find me in either the dock, night club, or my house. I guees we can meet March,6 and 7th once again my e-mail is actor-t@hotmail.com

11. Doctor Kong - March 6, 2007

i finally got to meet you yesturday at your igloo so since we’re friends now i can go to your meetings for your club!!! just post the meetings or e-mail it to actor-t@hotmail.com

12. gamemaster40 - March 11, 2007

hi crazy4cheez i’m gamemaster40, i am Doctor Kong’s nephew he is my uncle even though he’s 10, i was wondering if i could be the sugested for your club

13. Doctor Kong - March 11, 2007

yes it’s true gamemaster40 is actully my nephew i think he’d be really good for sugested

14. crazy4cheez - March 14, 2007


15. Doctor Kong - March 14, 2007

no ofensence but i really don’t care if it’s cool or not all i wanna know is if he gets the job?!

16. crazy4cheez - March 15, 2007


17. Doctor Kong - March 25, 2007

sorry if i was a little hard on ya on the last message, oh if any one has a screen name just post it in the comments, mine is hollywoodmnc

18. turtley00 - April 7, 2007

crazy4cheez i want to be your buddy and thx for putting me on your club list . email me at omar4830rbk@aim.com

19. copper crash - April 8, 2007

crazy its copper crash here i dont care what rank i get i just want to join.

20. Gerbz - May 11, 2007

Can i be in it?

21. Gerbz - May 11, 2007

p.s. I meant gerbs221 can be in it

22. crazy4cheez - May 17, 2007

no gerbs u cant because your not famous. sorry 😦

23. me - July 15, 2007

katieskater on bellyslide on the third server july 18 at 2.00 pm.

24. ewok900 - January 6, 2008

where can i find you im not on your buddy list

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