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Summer Party part 2 + Holagurrl25’s party! June 16, 2007

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Uncategorized.

Hey! Have you enjoyed the summer party because this has been one of my favorite partys of all time! I love the new items that they keep on handing out. I mean they have already handed out four and the party hasn’t even ended yet.
The Green Sunglasses are at the night club
The Flower Headdress is at the beach

Holagurrl’s party was a blast! It was so fun that I was there the whole time. If you check out her website you can find me in the night club picture.

Also this is what the cp moderators posted

I wanted to give you an update on some of the HUGE things planned throughout the summer! I can’t spoil all the fun so I can’t tell you more than this right now. All I can give you are some hints of what is coming up. Keep checking the Newspaper for more details on when these are happening…

A Huge Water Party!
Updates and new levels to your favorite games!
New Clothing!
New Igloos!
New Furniture!
A New Mission!
A Camping Party (a brand new way to experience the outdoors of Club Penguin!)
Visits from Captain Rockhopper!



1. Spiderfan 67 - June 16, 2007

the vulture awards is countinueing go to the website!

2. crazy4cheez - June 16, 2007


3. Princess member - July 15, 2007

I know how to be amember for free! If you want to be a member email me now! My email: kleanneyanson@yahoo.ie
You can be a a member with clothes not free ones!

NOTE: I will not bann you!

4. crazy4cheez - July 15, 2007

thats not me! that was an imposter!

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