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I don’t know what to do August 24, 2007

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Uncategorized.

Hi everybody. I have gotten completely utterly bored of club penguin. I really just don’t know what to do! I am going to have people vote on what I should do on this post.

Should I…

Turn this blog into a non-cp blog and I will post sometimes

Let someone take over this blog and I will post sometimes

Make 3 admins for this blog and take a month break from cp

Vote on this post for what I should do. No matter what I will still be posting on this blog sometimes. And please, if I let someone take over this blog, please do NOT ask to take if you can be the one to take over this blog. I will ask somebody.




1. Aew3796 - August 25, 2007

mer me me plz plz plz

2. Aew3796 - August 25, 2007

i smarticle

BTW lemme sumone take over *coff* me *coff*

3. stephydoodle - August 25, 2007

Hi mizz shortie, i think u should do the 3rd choice!

stephydoodle, and by the way, can u email me, i have to ask u something in private!

4. moondusst - August 26, 2007

I think you should hire three admins! And take a break. Can I be an admin? Oh and if you want to check out my site just go ahead anc click the link below. Maybe you will come back to club penguin in a month and it might be more interesting! 😀

5. moondusst - August 26, 2007
6. superk9 - August 26, 2007

take a month brake off cp BUT let someone join your website team!!! 😀

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