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Not fair!!! November 4, 2007

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Uncategorized.

Idk if you all remember but for about a week my name was crazy4cheez not Crazy4cheez.

They made me a beta tester for no reason but they did change my name and I think it should stay that way because that is what they decided to do and they should keep there decision!

So I emailed club penguin. Here is what my email said.

Hello Club Penguin! I have been playing club penguin for a while and one day I logged onto club penguin and my username was crazy4cheez not Crazy4cheez. It had a lowercase letter in the beginning of my name. It was like that for about a week. Then it went to Crazy4cheez. I don’t think it’s fare that you changed it to Crazy4cheez because my name should be a beta tester because I was there when club penguin started. Us beta testers helped you start club penguin! I just don’t think It’s fare to change our names to the normal way! Our names should stay as a beta tester because we should be known that we started club penguin! Please change my name back to crazy4cheez with a lowercase letter! ~Crazy4cheez

Wolfeh’s name got changed back! Why can’t mine! I am trying to get it changed back though!

Please email club penguin if you feel this is also unfair!!!


~C4C 😀



1. doodlegurl24 - November 4, 2007

Well first, I dont think you should start yelling at the club penguin team who have done so much for us, because it might just be some kind of weird glitch. Second of all, they’re not going to take you seriously when you spelled a first grade word wrong. Its spelled “Fair”

2. youtppenguin - November 5, 2007

Will you at youtppenguin’s website to your blogroll. The address is http://youtppenguin.wordpress.com if you have any questions email me at mrwordpress@gmail.com

3. lil mis than - November 10, 2007


4. theicecold 35 - December 2, 2007

i agrey its not fair becuse you have to pay to be memer unle you got cp traner 2 or cp traner 3

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