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SURPRISE!/HEY! November 6, 2007

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Uncategorized.


Hey everybody! Well my I introduced my neighbor into Club Penguin (His username is Gochesse) about 1 month ago and ever since then he has been ALL over it! Well, yesterday I asked him if he knew what word-press was and he said “Yes and I really really want to create one soon! I have been going to other peoples blogs but I want to create my own!”. Then I said well now is soon enough and asked him if he wanted to be a admin on this blog! Of course he said yes! So this is now Crazy4cheez and Gochesse’s blog! We will take turns posting about Club Penguin updates.

~Crazy4cheez 😀


Yo everybody! What’s up? I’m Gochesse and this is now also my site! WOW! I am so excited! Crazy4cheez is one of my best friends ever! Were neighbors too! I am a non-member but that doesn’t matter! It doesn’t mean you have to be a member to be famous! I mean just look at Holagurrl25, Watex, Fever! All non-members and EXTREMELY famous on Club Penguin! I hope I can become as famous as Crazy4cheez! But don’t worry, I won’t be going on Crazy4cheez’s account to make posts, I made my own but he told me just to edit this post and write mine underneath his. I can’t wait to see what the rest of blogging is going to be like!

-Gochesse 😆



1. Dirkd - November 6, 2007

Crazy you need to do a mission walktrhough for my site!

Thanks Dirk!

2. fetex - November 6, 2007

You’re site ROCKS. Can you add me to ur blogroll Pease.

My site is : http://fetex.wordpress.com

3. Yankateer - November 7, 2007

Yello Crazy4Cheez and Gocheese! Congrats on a new penguin in the blogging business! My blog is at:
Crazy4Cheez can tell you but I’m just saying if you want to talk to me!


4. Snow949 - November 8, 2007

Ello crazy4cheez AND gocheese! (what ever happened to crazy4pie and gopie? lol)

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