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A lot is going to happen today! January 10, 2008

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Uncategorized.
Hey Everybody! I am sick today 😦 But the good news is that ALL day I will be able to make a lot of new and cool things for my site so it will be updated a lot today! I already made a new comic! I don’t like it very much but you should check it out on the p & c page and there is a subpage that says comics and you can go to that page to see it. Now if you’ll excuse me, *eats pie*
~Crazy 😀 :mrgreen:


1. emtek77 - January 10, 2008

SORRY!!! I SWEAR I DIDN’T KNOW!! I’ve only been to your old site once or twice, and that wasn’t the slogan!! I found words that rhymed and thought it was catchy!! I’ll ask Snow to redo my header, and WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENEING TO ME!!???! Now, to think of words that rhyme……juice…..loose….cuse(?)…..um……ARGHHH! Having trouble…

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