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Contest! [Plz enter] January 14, 2008

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Uncategorized.

Hey everybody! Crazy4cheez here! I just realized yesterday that I have 10,000 hits! So I decided to have a contest!It is going to be a header contest! Here are the rules you must have. (And please enter you submission on the contest page not on this post)

~Must be 730 x 140

~The Headline must be “The Club Penguin Igloo”

~The Tagline must be “Your #1 Spot to get all the Pie and Cheez you can eat!”

 ~Please don’t make it girly

~Must be creative

~And beware, the presentation I have cuts off the bottom of the header with the pages

Here are the Prizes that you could get…

1st Place= Me use your header for 2 weeks- a month, Author on my blog, and a spot on my blogroll

2nd Place= Author on my blog for 2 weeks

3rd= Me make them a header

That’s all you need to know! I would really like it if you could enter! Just look at all the fabulous prizes!

~Crazy 😀 :mrgreen:



1. Rattybor - January 14, 2008


Crazy4cheez’s comment 😀 :

2. Snow949 - January 14, 2008

ill try to make one! when does it end? i want to win my 3rd header contest lol

3. izzysheaders - January 15, 2008

Here is the link for mine.

Hope you like it!

Crazy4cheez’s comment 😀 :
It’s awesome!

4. funguin - January 15, 2008


Crazy4cheez’s comment 😀 :

5. rosalynlinh - January 15, 2008

cool! u got 10,000
thanks for goin’ on my site! could you tell more ppl, im close to 40,000 hits 🙂

6. izzysheaders - January 15, 2008

Thx crazy4cheez!

7. emtek77 - January 15, 2008

Ooooo! I’m gonna make one!!!! Cheez and pie filled!

8. emtek77 - January 15, 2008

Ok, i got one!! Took me a little bit…i hope you like it!

Definitely pie and cheez filled!!!!!! :mrgreen:


9. Snow949 - January 16, 2008

It’s got ur pie, ur cheez. everything in bewteenz LOL (sorry snow humor)

I was gunna put a pic of cheez pie but… seriously the cheez pie pic spoiled my dinner…

10. Pinko599 - January 16, 2008

Here! Hope you like it!


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