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I need a staff February 17, 2008

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Blog, IMPORTANT, Join Quick!, People are joining, Read Please, Something to join.., Spots taken fast, You should comment.

Hey everybody, It’s Crazy4cheez. Well, I’ve been thinking really hard lately. I really read a staff. For people that are on the staff, you may NOT make your own pages, edit pages, play with the sidebar, or edit users/comments. You may only do so if I tell you to. There will be certain roles.

If you would like to join, please comment filling out this form.

1. Name

2. WordPress Email Address

3. Desire to join

4. What role would you want to be

5. What you would do if you joined

6. Promise to help me with posting and follow the rules I have above





Join Today!

~Crazy πŸ˜€ :mrgreen:



1. Shred - February 17, 2008

1: Shreddude87
2: shreddude87@aim.com
3: this is a really cool blog and i hope my blog might become more popular if I join. Also, I love this site!
4: I would like to be an author
5: Crazy needs time to relax and not think about the stressful posting weekly. Maybe I could help him by posting sometimes so he can enjoy his life.
6: I agree with the rules that are given to me


Crazy4cheez’s comment πŸ˜€ :
Nicely worded! Congrats, your in!

2. Shred - February 17, 2008

thanks crazy! I would post a thank you, but i don’t want to not allow people to see the staff post! BTW ,since I can’t edit, I’ll just post if I have anything to say on a subject. you can contact me through my main site rockhoppertracker.wordpress.com if you need me to post or what not, and…THANK YOU x45967978609!


3. Shred - February 17, 2008

oh, and do editors have a bigger roll than authors? can editors still make a post? if they can, id be an editor instead of an author.

4. Pappy - February 17, 2008

1. Pappydrewit
2. pappy.drewit@gmail.com
3. I love this site because I love pie and Crazy!
4. Editor
5. help moderate comments and edit comments πŸ˜€
6. I agree with the rules

5. emtek77 - February 18, 2008

1. Emtek77
2. CENCERED! (please remove this once you see the comment, thankz!)
3. because I’m going to add you as an author, and probably seafoo as the animator peoplez, and I likey website!
4. Doesn’t matter, whichever you want me to be πŸ™‚
5. help ya out a bit with the posting and stuff!
6. I aggree to everything!

Yayyyy! πŸ™‚ i’ll email you tomorrow, because my moms telling me to get off about the staff stuff so yeah πŸ™‚


6. ben166 - February 18, 2008

to help crazy. In the working i might get mo known on cp and in bloggs.
author or editor
ill help crazy be nice post help people and be a good person
I agree with the terns of condition

7. ben166 - February 18, 2008

sorry me email is lilben329@aol.com

8. Pappy - February 18, 2008

fine i will not be editing comments now can i be an editor?

9. rosalynlinh - February 18, 2008

ooooo… love your new header!!! its reallly cool!

Crazy4cheez’s comment πŸ˜€ :
Thank you!

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