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Hola Everyone– Pappydrewit February 18, 2008

Posted by ◘.Pappy.◘ in By Pappydrewit.

Hola!I’m an editor on Crazy’s site! 😀 I will help you people!

Stay Pappy!

Pappeh 😉


Crazy- Pappy! I told you not to edit comments! Don’t moderate them either! Please don’t do it again! 

Pappy: Sorry! 😳



1. Sals678 - February 18, 2008

People. You should all go see my blog. It’s about Club Penguin, and I have two other people who write for my blog, so if you don’t like me, chances are, you’ll like one of the other two people. But you’ll probably like me anyway. I like this blog and my own blog, and hope for viewers and responses.
Please do visit my blog. It is really good, and even has a poll and funny pictures.
Feel free to comment with your penguin name and/or email, so I can contact you, and then I know who visits my blog. You know?


2. Coolhil90 - February 18, 2008


It’s me, Coolhilary90___x here announcing that im having yet another *sigh* headerrr contest!!

If yhoo can’t make headers, that’s okay, tell a friend!!!!


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