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I don’t want to be “Tagged” March 1, 2008

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in Fun and Games.

*I am still on my break I am just making this post for fun*

Oh dang I have been tagged by, Adam and Coolhil! Ahh!

~Fact #1- I am 100% in love with pie and cheese.

~Fact #2- I have a girlfriend.

~Fact #3- I love to spaz out.

~Fact #4- I am ranked #22 in the country for the position “Point Guard” in basketball. (Yes I am really good and was on the JR all-star game for the country)

~Fact #5- I am starting to dislike Club Penguin more and more.

I Tag:




~Lil Zippy


Also I am advertising a site for my friend. His name is Gerbs221. His site is http://gerbs221clubpenguin.wordpress.com/

~Crazy 😀 :mrgreen:

UPDATE: I have made the staff page a subpage for the about page.



1. Emtek77 - March 1, 2008

Shred and Bella were already tagged!

2. Emtek77 - March 1, 2008

PS: me 2 about CP…getting a bit boring, dont you think?

3. Crazy - March 1, 2008

Woops! My bad, and yea! I totally agree!

4. rosalynlinh - March 1, 2008

wats tagged? please tell… maybe on my site, coz im not good at remembering wat post i asked it on… heheh..
ooo.. u have girlfriend? how old are u?

5. ben166 - March 1, 2008

it kinda is it was better befor disny or i could just be getting older

6. Pappy - March 1, 2008

can i be tagged?

7. ben166 - March 1, 2008

pappy i tag u

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