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MY MEMBERSHIP ENDED!! =| March 2, 2008

Posted by ◘.Pappy.◘ in By Pappydrewit, Club Penguin, IMPORTANT, You should comment.


Darn my membership ended on my birthday! 😡  I didn’t notice until I logged on!  😡  Here’s a pic:


Some of my items can’t be put on, some non-member items:


And my igloo’s a basic one!:


And if you see me, you will see me in these clothes:



Stay Pappy!

Pappeh 😡



1. Caremimarsal - March 2, 2008


2. Clonez - March 2, 2008

Luv your site. I think ive seen u on cp before. anyway go to

3. lavaster - March 4, 2008

like a punishment for your birthday… who deserves THAT?? well, its a leap year… u may have became a member on ur last b-day or watever..

4. georgieboy - March 4, 2008

Um, I’m sorry.But just become a member again!Thats what I did!

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