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Admin Contest! March 12, 2008

Posted by ♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ in BIG NEWSS!!!!, Join Quick!, People are joining, site changes, Something to join.., Spots taken fast, You should comment.

Hey, what’s up?? Well this is Crazy4cheez and since I am on vacation and I am bored, I have decided to do an admin contest! Izzy and the staff, you are doing a great job, but I do still feel as those I need one more person to this blog.


Okie so please comment telling me this if you would like to join..

1. Your Name

2. Your Website (So I can add you to my blogroll if you win)

3. Why you want to enter (Nothing Cheesy)

4. Your Experience with blogs

Your prize if you win:

-Become a admin on this blog (DUHH!!!)

-A spot on my blogroll


~Craz.eh.4.cheez 😀 :mrgreen:

P.S. Please give me some feedback on the new header I made!



1. Hil.uh.ray - March 13, 2008

1. Hilary

2. http://rattyandhil.wordpress.com

3.ok, well, ur one of my best friends, and ur a really nice guy.
I think i could do good with your blog by posting as much as i can… and i love pie and cheese.

4. i have been blogging since early 2007. im an admin on a TON of blogs and i own 2… so yeah…

2. Muffin - March 13, 2008

1.) Adam
2.) robohamster.wordpress.com
3.) I really like you, I’d like to have a little more “power” or opinion on your blog, and I really want to be on your blogroll because onlly the best of the best get on it.
4.) I have been bloggin a long time and I play pokemon (used to) and I have a club penguin, runescape, toontown, and wordpress (duh) account. 🙂 So, I could blog about anything you want me to!

3. yuille38 - March 13, 2008
4. lissanoel - March 14, 2008

Adam you play toontown? ME TOO! My charectors name is Princess Coconut, we should meet sometime.

5. lissanoel - March 14, 2008

1. Lissanoel(or my real name is Alyssa)
2. http://corgis.wordpress.com
3.I would like to become more “popular” and “famous” in the blogging bunisses. I also though mabey you could teach me some things to do on my blog.
4. I have been in the blogging industry for almost 2 years now. I know lots of things such as how to make all the smileys(lol), put up headers, diffrent widgets, and I know how to make subpages.

I hope you consider me to help out on your site!

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