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Heyness… Im Hilary ((sk8rgal101)) and i won the admin contest!! March 14, 2008

Posted by -x-Hilary-x-90- in By Hil.uh.ray.


Kaizies… im Coolhilary90, SK8rgal101, Hil, Hilly, Hailry, or as NappyD calls my Hil.uh.ray

Crazy chose me to be his admin for awhile.

I will make sure i post so this should be fun!

I do have my own site, and i run it with Rattybor.


Here’s a little bit about me:::

Im 13 years old.

I live in the USA.

My bestestest friends are: My bf cole((dirkd)), Crazy4cheez, Emtek77, SNow949, Rattybor, Sportsdude90, Fuflle, uhmmmmmmmmm and many moreeeee… sorry if i didn’t post u im tired.

And yeah.




1. Craz.eh.4.cheez - March 15, 2008


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