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The post of…posts? March 25, 2008

Posted by Emmi in By Emtek77.

Well, ya told us to post…but about what?? I KNOW! I can always find something to post about because I’m smart like that. I’m going to post about what I’m going to post about. Wierd, huh? Well there are a lot of things I could post about…






and I could go on and on and on…but that would take up about umm….37 years of my life. I’M BEING RANDOM! IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE RANDOM! But I do have a question for Skelleh(I shall call you this now)….Why do you post on your other blog but not on this one? That makes no sense to me at all *[scratches head]* Ok, I think that was a very interesting post. What do you think?! BYE BYE NOW!


 Skelly’s comment: Number 1, posting about Club Penguin and stuff is two much work, and its easier to just post about what’s happening when I want to. Number 2, ITS SKELLY! NOT SKELLEH! Just wanted to make that clear 😉

Emmi’s comment: I know that, but couldn’t you change this into a rea-life blog or something? And when I say ‘Skelleh’ that is how I pronounce it, it has nothing to do with spelling. Like I could say Emileh and it would be pronounced “Em•el•eh” and Skelleh would be pronounced “Skell•eh.” It makes sense, I’m just not pronouncing it with a strong “y.” Really, it does make sense.



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