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Quitting CP May 16, 2008

Posted by IZZY! in By Izzy132.

Hey guys. I am not trying to copy Crazy, but he gave me a thought. Crazy is right. I have a life, and I don’t really wanna spend all of my time on the computer. I have lacrosse games and I am pretty busy. I will still keep my header site (http://izzysworkshop.wordpress.com) open and I will continue to make headers. I will still post on this blog too. I am really just quitting Club Penguin. I really never go on anymore, I really just go on to check out the new things. (I’m probably online for about 5 minutes a week.) Also, my parents allow me to have one monthy membership and I chose Club Penguin. I want to use my membership money for something that’s a lot funner than CP. I will be on WordPress, and IM. (my IM is crosscontry4life) You wont be seeing me on Club Penguin anymore.





1. daniel - June 22, 2008

please dont leave i want you to stay noooooo dont leave

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