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Quitting CP May 16, 2008

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Hey guys. I am not trying to copy Crazy, but he gave me a thought. Crazy is right. I have a life, and I don’t really wanna spend all of my time on the computer. I have lacrosse games and I am pretty busy. I will still keep my header site (http://izzysworkshop.wordpress.com) open and I will continue to make headers. I will still post on this blog too. I am really just quitting Club Penguin. I really never go on anymore, I really just go on to check out the new things. (I’m probably online for about 5 minutes a week.) Also, my parents allow me to have one monthy membership and I chose Club Penguin. I want to use my membership money for something that’s a lot funner than CP. I will be on WordPress, and IM. (my IM is crosscontry4life) You wont be seeing me on Club Penguin anymore.




Site Moved!! May 14, 2008

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Hey! It’s Izzy132! For all of you who don’t know, I have a header site. (http://www.izzysheaders.wordpress.com) But, I changed my site to http://www.izzysworkshop.wordpress.com. I just wanted to let you know that I changed the site! Please visit!


P.S. Crazy (if you still work on this blog), If this counts as advertising, Tell me and I will delete the post right away. I’m really sorry if it is, I just wanted some hits on my new site.

Finally….A POST! May 7, 2008

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Hey It’s Izzy! I decided to write a little post because there hasn’t been one since….since……a long time ago. I have split the post into two separate parts.

To Crazy:

Sorry I haven’t been posting and commenting. (Speaking of comments, when’s the contest gonna be over?) I have been REALLY busy with school stuff. I will be posting and commenting more.

From A sorry Izzy

To the People:

I have a story for you guys. Well, today when I was at school, I forgot my house key at home and both of my parents were at work so yeah…I went home and I decided to walk to where my mom works! (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!) So I walked 2 and a half miles in my Converse (Not the best shoes to walk in ’cause my feet were KILLING me and I have really bad blisters to prove it. So I went to the school where my mom works and she was mad b’cause I left my brother locked out with no key! (HA HA HA HA HA) So then I went home and I feel like a complete idiot for doing what I did.


If you don’t belive me, I’ll take a picture of my blisters to prove it if you want.




Party April 11, 2008

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Hi Guys! Izzy here! Just to make up for that party that was going to happen but didn’t, I’m having another one for no reason! Here is the info:

Remember the time IS penguin standard time!

A Post From Izzy April 2, 2008

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ToTallY rAndOM!! March 27, 2008

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I think I’m going to create a new page called Totally Random. It will be about any thing you guys want!! 😀 Me and hopefully the staff will be posting totally random things like…..oh I dunno!! Whatever you think is random!! You can post pictures, videos, animations….WHATEVER YOU WANT! I know, this is a really random idea, but hey, that’s why I want to create the page!! But I need YOUR opinion. Do YOU want a random page? And no, I WILL NOT be sad if you don’t like the idea. Take this poll to vote whether you want a random page or not.


(Be patient, it takes a little while to load)


Crazy Rocks My Awesomely Purple Striped Socks!!!! March 15, 2008

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Crazy you rock! I mean, you’ve done so many nice things for me! I have to do something in return!

Crazy rocks my awesomely purple striped socks!!!!


Crazy’s respons: Aww thanks!

Hello!! March 10, 2008

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Hey! I think you probably know me but if you don’t, I’m Izzy132! This post is for the staff but everyone can read it if you really want to.

Dear Staff,

Just because I’m in charge doesn’t mean that I’m gonna be bossy. I’m not going to rule you guys and make you do whatever I say. (Unless you do something bad) We will all work together and make this site the greatest it can be!


New Furniture and Igloo Catalog! February 22, 2008

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Hey, Izzy here. I’m here with another CP update! There is a new furniture and igloo catalog! Here’s what you can find.

Furniture Catalog:


Igloo Catalog:


I like the Igloo Catalog ’cause there’s a whirlpool flooring! See ya!


CRAZY!! What’s the pass? February 14, 2008

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This post is for Crazy, but you all can read it if ya want.

Crazy, I don’t know the pass for my post. I have been trying to figure it out for daysss!! (I know, I’m dumb) Can you give me another hint??

Rock my PURPLE  socks!

-iZzY (Who loves fall out boy :mrgreen: )