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Advestisement For My Neighbor July 21, 2008

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Hey! Please come to my neighbor’s blog! You ask them your questions, and they answer them! The questions can be about anything! There’s other cool stuff too! Please come! And comment too!



Izzy132 Here July 16, 2008

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Aloha! I have realized that some of you guys are STILL visiting this blog. I know it’s not that many, but this blog gets at least 5 views a day. So, since Crazy isn’t deleting the blog yet, I’ll post something that’s worth coming to this blog for! But first, A POLL

If Crazy doesn’t delete the blog, Izzy should post about

Real life (0 votes)

Random Stuff (0 votes)

CP (0 votes)

All of the above (0 votes)

Make your decision please! And comment too! I might even be allowed to offer some of you guys a job on the blog!


That’s it im done June 14, 2008

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Don’t feel like doin nothing. I’m done. I quit. My real life youtube is http://youtube.com/yodatigerproductions


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Izzy here. Just saying that I am REALLY excited to be on SUMMER VACATION!! My last day of school is on June 6th. (THIS FRIDAY!!!!) When is your last day of school? Just curious!

Changing my mind yet again.. May 28, 2008

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Alright, this is my final change, if I don’t like this then my blog will be deleted. It is not going to be Club Penguin, it is not going to be Pokemon, but it is going to be a web show. I am going to have my own web show on this blog. I will have a video on at least once a week, if I won’t one week I’ll let you know. I’ll post again for more info. Cya.

😀 -Abe- 😀

What is soon to be.. a pokemon site. May 24, 2008

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Hey everybody, what’s up? Unfortunately yes, it is me, Crazy4cheez. But my real name is Abe, like Abe Lincoln. But please just call me Abe. I haven’t gone on Club Penguin is months! I don’t really find interest in it anymore. But I do find interest in pokemon. So this site is soon to be a Pokemon site. There will be lots of changes going into this site, so be ready! 😉

Btw, check out http://pokemonindigo.com. It is really fun! :O

😀 -Abe- 😀

Catch Phrase May 19, 2008

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Aloha from Hawaii! (JK! YEAH, I WISH!) Anyway, I broke my wrist a few days ago and I just got my cast today. (BRIGHT ORANGE OH YEAH!) Anyways I have and idea. I am going to take a picture of my cast, and in paint, put your words on it! You can tell me what you wanna say and I will put it on my virtual cast! I don’t really care if no one wants to sign, it was just a random idea.

Which one do you like better?

Da Fizzy Izzy


Rock my purple socks! -Izzy



Pixel Penguins… May 18, 2008

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Hola amigos! Izzy132 here! I’ve noticed that a lot of you are ordering Pixel Penguins and I was just really typing this post to get Crazy’s okay if I could do pixel penguins too. It would help Crazy out and I have the program, so it would be a piece of sugar-free cake for me to do it. Please respond Crazy! A lot of  pixel penguin orderers are waiting!

Izzy 😀

CRAZY: Yeah, its fine.

Bye bye.. May 7, 2008

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hey everybody. its crazy and im in a hurry so im ignoring the spelling and grammer. i am REALLY REALLY sorry that i havnt been posting, but i have been SOOOO busy with school. my final exams are coming up soon and im stidying soooo hard. and in my free time, i really dont want 2 go on the computer. i just got a new rockin tree house, gettinga  zip line, and my pool is open. i really want 2 have fun instead of the computer. whenever i am on the computer though, i am on instant messager, and my real life piczo with my freinds. my instant messager account is cheezypiekid . so talk 2 me on that if u need 2. piczo is really fun, i am doing that with my real life, and i may sometime make a club penguin one too, idk though. so, what im saying is that yes, i am quitting. i will probably come back in like a month or so. i will keep this blog up for people to look at, and if i ever want 2 come bac. cya


C0mment C0ntest! April 13, 2008

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Hey everyb0dy! Ew, my 0 key isn’t w0rking right n0w. L0l s0rry. Anyway, I am g0ing t0 have a c0mment c0ntest! L0l the zer0 key is g0ing t0 get ann0ying I can assure y0u. L0l. So anyway, I am going to have a c0mment c0ntest! Here is h0w it will w0rk. Y0u c0mment as much as y0u can, and the winner gets t0 pick 0ne 0f these awes0me prizes! Take a l00k.

1. 2000 c0ins

2. My buddy 0n Club Penguin

3. G0chesses passw0rd

4. A sp0t 0n my bl0gr0ll f0r tw0 weeks

5. A auth0r 0n this bl0g f0r a week (Ask Izzy132 f0r rules)


-Craz.eh.4.cheez 😀 :mrgreen: