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Bye bye.. May 7, 2008

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hey everybody. its crazy and im in a hurry so im ignoring the spelling and grammer. i am REALLY REALLY sorry that i havnt been posting, but i have been SOOOO busy with school. my final exams are coming up soon and im stidying soooo hard. and in my free time, i really dont want 2 go on the computer. i just got a new rockin tree house, gettinga  zip line, and my pool is open. i really want 2 have fun instead of the computer. whenever i am on the computer though, i am on instant messager, and my real life piczo with my freinds. my instant messager account is cheezypiekid . so talk 2 me on that if u need 2. piczo is really fun, i am doing that with my real life, and i may sometime make a club penguin one too, idk though. so, what im saying is that yes, i am quitting. i will probably come back in like a month or so. i will keep this blog up for people to look at, and if i ever want 2 come bac. cya



Finally….A POST! May 7, 2008

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Hey It’s Izzy! I decided to write a little post because there hasn’t been one since….since……a long time ago. I have split the post into two separate parts.

To Crazy:

Sorry I haven’t been posting and commenting. (Speaking of comments, when’s the contest gonna be over?) I have been REALLY busy with school stuff. I will be posting and commenting more.

From A sorry Izzy

To the People:

I have a story for you guys. Well, today when I was at school, I forgot my house key at home and both of my parents were at work so yeah…I went home and I decided to walk to where my mom works! (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!) So I walked 2 and a half miles in my Converse (Not the best shoes to walk in ’cause my feet were KILLING me and I have really bad blisters to prove it. So I went to the school where my mom works and she was mad b’cause I left my brother locked out with no key! (HA HA HA HA HA) So then I went home and I feel like a complete idiot for doing what I did.


If you don’t belive me, I’ll take a picture of my blisters to prove it if you want.




C0mment C0ntest! April 13, 2008

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Hey everyb0dy! Ew, my 0 key isn’t w0rking right n0w. L0l s0rry. Anyway, I am g0ing t0 have a c0mment c0ntest! L0l the zer0 key is g0ing t0 get ann0ying I can assure y0u. L0l. So anyway, I am going to have a c0mment c0ntest! Here is h0w it will w0rk. Y0u c0mment as much as y0u can, and the winner gets t0 pick 0ne 0f these awes0me prizes! Take a l00k.

1. 2000 c0ins

2. My buddy 0n Club Penguin

3. G0chesses passw0rd

4. A sp0t 0n my bl0gr0ll f0r tw0 weeks

5. A auth0r 0n this bl0g f0r a week (Ask Izzy132 f0r rules)


-Craz.eh.4.cheez 😀 :mrgreen:

Party April 11, 2008

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Hi Guys! Izzy here! Just to make up for that party that was going to happen but didn’t, I’m having another one for no reason! Here is the info:

Remember the time IS penguin standard time!

Shout out! April 9, 2008

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Hey everybody! Guess what, this site has been doing, GREAT! It was going through a slump, but we are back with lots of hits and comments! Just wanted to say thanks! And I wanted to give a special shout to some particular people who commented a bunch of times lately!

Thanks to everyone!

Special Thanks to:





-Craz.eh.4.cheez 😀 :mrgreen:

P.S. I’m thinking of having a slogan contest soon, and trust me, there WILL be prizes. 😉

What it means to be “famous”. April 6, 2008

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Hey everybody, I just wanted to talk to you about the word, “famous”. Personally I don’t care if I’m famous or not, I know that I work hard and I am proud of that. Recently, the people who are famous have been changing drastically. Here is some proof.

Old Famous People:

Chewit Dude



Car23 Trey10

Lil Zippy

Kaos1324 (Blake) (Meta Knight) (Sanity1) (Sanitypeng) (Its Sanity) (Ima Cheeta)

New Famous People:


Chewy Pup



Emtek77 (Emmi)


Just let me tell you something. It doesn’t mean ANYTHING to be famous. I mean if you get a lot of comments and hits that is great! But the important thing is knowing that you work hard, and are helping others. So all you need to do is work hard, keep up your posting, and maybe even advertise you site a little bit!

Keep it cool

~Craz.eh.4.cheez 😀 :mrgreen:

Club Penguin April 08 Clothing Catalog April 5, 2008

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Hey everybody. It’s Crazy4cheez. And FINALLY, Club Penguin came out with a good catalog!

It seems like they are running out of ideas or something. My favorite part about it is the ties.

And if you click on the penguins mouth, you get the secret Cheesy tie! My favorite 😀 !

I have changed my look for the new catalog! Here is a picture!

-Craz.eh.4.cheez 😀 :mrgeen:


Sorry, some of it got cut off, this is what it says-

*Hello the people of WP! Guess what? I scanned this piece of paper! LOL! So yes, I know my handwritings sucks. LOL! I will be scanning drawings of penguins of stuff that I drew in real life! Well, running out of space, CYA! -♦Craz.eh.4.cheez♦ +Idea by Izzy*

WordPress has made a big mistake. April 4, 2008

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Hey everybody! It’s Crazy4cheez! And OMG ew wordpress has a new appearence and it is just horrible! Alexis and I were just talking about it! I utterly hate it! It is so hard to get around to things now! Ahhh! Well anyway, Club Penguin has some new updates, I’ll make a post about it later. CYA!

-Craz.eh.4.cheez 😀 :mrgreen:

Party Canceled April 3, 2008

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A Post From Izzy April 2, 2008

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